Now you guys can make payment through the WhatsApp, As National Payment Corporation of India has allowed WhatsApp to offer payment service. Before this you have some others app like Paytm, Google Pay, Phone Pay.

WhatsApp will provide these features in an upcoming update. This news is officially given by the WhatsApp Team on their website.

Now their is no need to install another app to make payment. This features will create a major change in the field of Technology, As no one is interested to install lots of application in their phone as its consumes lots of space of their storage.

Now WhatsApp has come in the field of Payment Services soon they will also provide features to do online recharge also, this is not told by the WhatsApp Team this is just an assumption.

If WhatsApp will able to success in this area of payment services, so it will become a step ahead of success as their is no application would be like WhatsApp in which you can do chatting and as well as you can send the money who so ever needed in just a few seconds by just linking your bank account with it.

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